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Question:   During what hours and where can I check out a bike?
Answer: See the section Where To Ride for locations, hours and contact information for our current Bike Share locations!

Question:   How do I rent a bike?
Answer: You may rent a bike by signing up for a membership online or in-person at one of the two bike share stations. You will need a current driver’s license (or other approved ID’s with a physical address) and a current bill to sign up as a new member.

Question:   Is there a residence or age requirement?
Answer: Riders under 18 may be granted temporary membership and are required to have a responsible party in order to check out a bike.

Question:   Is there a user agreement?
Answer: Yes. All users have to sign legal waiver with user agreement information.

Question:   What are the height and weight restrictions for Nashville GreenBikes
Answer: The maximum weight is 250 lbs. and minimum height is 5 ft. 4 in. for a Nashville GreenBike

Question:   Do I need to wear a helmet and are the program helmets sanitary?
Answer: All cyclist and bike share users are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet while biking. It is illegal for anyone 16 and under to ride a bicycle without a helmet in the state of Tennessee. All bike share helmets are disinfected with sprays or wipes after use.

Question:   How are bicycles secured after they are loaned?
Answer: All users are required to check out a u-lock and key with a bicycle.

Question:   Are there bicycle racks or lockers downtown?
Answer: Yes. Bicycle racks are being installed throughout the city with an immediate focus on the downtown area. See bike parking plan for downtown click here.

Question:   When are bicycles due back to the bike share station?
Answer: All bicycles and equipment are due 1 hour before the facility closes for business. Check with each station on actual time of closing.

Question:   What if a bicycle is returned late or not returned at all?
Answer: Bicycles and equipment returned late on the day of rental or by the next day will be charged a $50 late fee. Bicycles and equipment not returned by the 2ND day are considered stolen property of Metro Government. Unreturned /stolen bicycles will be invoiced ($350). Metro Authorities will reach renter for full payment due on the Metro property if fee is not paid in full.

Question:   Where can I find a map of Bike Routes?
Answer: See the section Where To Ride